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Our Story

Customer Raves

   The journey started back in Texas. Needing a hobby to de-stress from working as a chemical/technical manager Glen took up home brewing.  Finding an exciting and tasty challenge in brewing science he pursued his beer making education with The Siebel Institute in Chicago and Doemann's in Munich, Germany. Training to be a first class international brewmaster and learning all the old world and modern day best practices he could. 

   Terri being an artist and culinary connoisseur (foodie)  it was only a matter of time before they decided to pursue the adventure and risk of owning their own micro-brewery and restaurant. Using all of their savings and selling their home to fund the great adventure.  

​   Sourcing fresh and local produce to creating culinary masterpieces means just as much to them as creating fantastic beer. That’s how this wonderful idea came to be.  And they love crafting good beer and offering fantastic food.